A Little Introduction

I thought I should introduce myself I’m Sarah Thomas, I’m 33, from the Isle of Man (most people have no idea where the Isle of Man is) and I live in Ibiza (yeyyyyyy lucky me)!!!

Finally deciding to move full time to Ibiza in April 2015, after so many amazing holidays, I was lucky to spend that first summer working in several salons and freelance in San Antonio as a Nail Technician and I had the best summer ever. But, as much as I loved it, none of the salons I worked in quite felt like the “right fit” or “home” to me. However, Ibiza had always inspired me to try everything I could to follow ‘my’ dream.

My dream for a long time was to own a salon in San Antonio, I had looked at several properties over the previous summers, when I had been holidaying or working seasonally. Luckily for me one of the properties I had viewed in 2014 (my favorite one!) became vacant in November 2015 and I jumped at the chance to rent it and open my dream.

Lots of people ask where the name “The Circus” came from for the salon. Unfortunately it’s a pretty boring story, during brainstorming with a friend over coffee on the internet the circus came up and that was it, we fell in love, we felt it really suited San Antonio as San An can be a circus in the summer and because the parades we could do at the time would be amazing (unfortunately the powers of San Antonio changed the laws on parades before we opened so we are still waiting to do our first “The Circus Ibiza” parade).

The Circus opened it’s doors for the first time on Saturday 16th May 2016.

Lots has changed since we first opened but the biggest is our mobile service “The Travelling Circus” it has gone from strength to strength and I have a feeling that this summer it’s only going to get bigger, especially our wedding services. We are already getting lots of bookings for weddings and large group bookings for girls wanting pampering in the comfort of their own villa.

One of the best things for me about The Circus is the team, I’ve been so lucky to have some amazingly talented people working at The Circus. I couldn’t do it without my 2nd in command or “the other me”, Christie. At times Christie been a life saver, unfortunately last summer I had to have lots of time away from Ibiza and the salon due to family emergencies and a stay in Can Misses but Christie was amazing, she kept the salon going even with her own family emergencies going on…. Thank you Christie you are my savior!!!!

We are getting excited for summer 2018 as the salon is getting a face-lift, I’ll share pictures on here when it’s all finished, but it really is going to be the salon of my dreams within the month. I’m getting a GLITTER FLOOR!!! The unicorn is going to love it, everyone is going to love it, I mean who doesn’t love glitter????

I’m happy to report we are also going to only be using biodegradable glitter, just because we like to sparkle doesn’t mean we don’t care about the planet. The Unicorn is also getting a makeover, he had a pretty stressful summer last summer, we should probably give him a name as we still call him the unicorn….. any suggestions welcome please put them in the comments section.

We are super excited for summer 2018, in future posts we will be taking a look at what this summer’s hottest looks are going to be, as well as sharing with you some of our favourite things to do in Ibiza!!!


Thank you for reading,

With Love From Ibiza xxx

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